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 The Super Ultimate Final Conclusive Showdown Battle of The End Score: 99999 Moves: 453

> Look the chief Xenomorph in the eyes, roar defiance, and FIGHT!!

You fight. Somehow, you actually seem to be making some headway against the Xenomorphs, and after a few weeks of battle, they begin to stop attacking. By this time, a lot of your companions have fallen, and the Xenomorphs are wondering if invading this world is really worth it.

> Oh man, where's Avenger when you really need him?

Avenger is locked in combat with three grues, and uses his trademark light cannon to annihilate them all. You and Avenger then proceed to crash-tackle the newly-crowned Chief Xenomorph. His acidic blood splatters all over Avenger, whose dying words are, "WHAT THE FROTZ?"

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