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 Silvery Dome Score: ? Moves: ?

> Follow tunnel

You follow this weird spiral tunnel, quickly learning to walk very carefully, since the floor is a very slick surface. Unfortunately, your quickness in learning these facts of life is insignificant compared to the slipperiness of the tunnel. You slip and fall, and after some unpleasant sliding you find yourself in a room of smooth metal - a dome to be precise. At the far end of the domed room, there is a raised platform, on which sits a vial of some sort.

> examine vial

It appears to be a vial of holy water, judging by the faint aura of sunshine and happiness surrounding it. Perfect! One swig of that will cure any curse!

But, still, you've got plenty of time to spare - 15 more turns before the curse activates.

You are two metres away from the vial.

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