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 The Super Ultimate Final Conclusive Showdown Battle of The End Score: Nice going. Moves: 455

> Didn't you read the Chuck Norris page? I summon Kurt Cobain!


Hang on a second...

reads over Chuck Norris page* Huh. Well, I'll not be the one to defy the Chuck Norris entry.

You use your magical summoning abilities to call forth Kurt Cobain. As he the vortex of summoning calls him forth, the sky turns red and splits open, releasing a rain of fire and brimstone. The seas melt away (yeah, they become... more liquid... than usual), and the ground becomes devoid of plant and animal life. Kurt's magical army of demons clad in torn jeans fly out from behind him, doing battle with the Grue and Eurg armies. 8 days and 12 minutes pass, during which time Zombie Aeris defeats Zombie Sephiroth, a Grue devours Boba Fett's dead body, takes all the weapons, becomes Grue Fett, and is just about to sign a contract with George Lucas when a falling meteorite kills Grue Fett, and all 3 armies are all but defeated. A magical blue light transports all still living to a sacred battlefield, which just happens to be New Jersey. Kurt Cobain finally emerges from the vortex, and stares Chuck Norris down. With a might cry, the two warriors spring into battle, which lasts for months on end.

> Wasn't that a bit long of a descriptiopn?

Hey, you're the one who summoned him, jerk.

> Good point. So who wins?

Well, how should I know? Go to the next page already.

> Fine, maybe I will!

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