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 The Super Ultimate Final Conclusive Showdown Battle of The End Score: ? Moves: I WAS right.

> I summon Gandalf the Grey, Gandalf the White, Monty Python and the Holy Grail's Black Knight, Benito Mussolini, the Blue Meanie, Cowboy Curtis, Jambi the Genie, Robocop, the Terminator, Captain Kirk, Darth Vader, Superman, every Power Ranger, Bill S. Preston, Theodore Logan, Spock, the Rock, Doc Ock, Hitler, Satan, God, Jesus, Zombie Jesus, Mr. T, Cheese, Monkeys, Elmo and Hulk Hogan!

You forgot Lo-Pan!

> I summon Lo-Pan

Too late...

*** You have lost big time***

Would you like to start over, restore a saved position, or end this session of Zork? (Type RESTART, RESTORE, or QUIT):

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