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 The Lion's Den Score: 10 Moves: 23

> Catcall

You whistle casually. Apparently a waste of time, because the only hot person in this game is a hundred miles and two thousand moves away.

> Did....did they hear me?

No, they did not hear you. Sheesh, get a real life. And I would be far more worried right now about what did hear you - just sayin'.

> uh-oh

You made a freakin' CATcall, what the hell do you expect? So yeah, every lion in the jungle responded.

> run like hell

And just who do you think you are? Jesse Owens? Anyone lazy enough to waste their time on this text is a shitty little fatling, anyway. You are devoured before you can scream.

*** You've been Blue Shell'd ***

<option> get my fucking python zork engine:

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