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 The Ninth Circle of Heaven Score: 420 Moves: 176

You take the elevator. The elevator music calms the Grues enough so you take a rest from the tambourine.

You hear a *DING* and a recorded voice says "Level Infinity: Footwear, Customer Service, and the Ninth Sphere of the Eternal Domain of God Almighty" as the doors swing open. Whoa, you immediately think. This place is bright.

> look

A soothing, soft light pours over you as you step out into the white sublimeness of Heaven. A lilting chorus starts up as the four Archangels (Raphael, Michaelangelo, Leonardo, and Donatello) soar down to greet you and your Gruesome horde. Rainbows and sunshine cover the sky above, as well as flocks of butterflies and singing bluebirds. In the distance you see unicorns frolicking among the lollipop trees, and a milk-and-honey waterfall spilling over a rock-candy mountain. Everywhere you hear the sounds of children laughing, harps playing and beautiful women reaching climax continuously.

Alas, your absent-mindedness has caused your death.


You forgot the tamborine, you bastard!

*** Ye have departed this mortale coile ***

Wouldst ye like to commence yower quest once more, restor yower saved position, or cease playing the Zork game? (type RESTART, RESTORE, or QUIT):

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