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 Player vs Player (Pie Slayer) Score: 0 Moves: ?

You accept. A simple, basic weapon is necessary for this duel.

> rummage for weapon

You open the zip of your bag. You raise your arm. You stick your arm into the bag. You feel with your fingers for a simple, basic weapon. You move your arm while feeling. Your arm reaches the bag's side. You have no luck in finding a simple, basic weapon. You pull your arm back up. You don't have much luck to kill this opponent. Your arm is stuck. You look up. The enemy is holding the zip closed.

> oh.

> goddamnitwhatthe*@!"£$%$^^%*&@@!£!£##@%$%£%"%£%%&&*^*&^$^*(&@@:~~##';#'!

Swearing is no good.

Because you started swearing, the admins fuck you up good by sending you a Grue.

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