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 A dark cove (with brown rocks) Score: 18 Moves: 90

> No!

OK no. You throw it to the bomb's fuse string, and it landed......
> Umm... uh-oh..

THE BOMB QUICKLY EXPLODES! All fo the 6 Grues and 4 Eurgs die[1] afterwards.
> whooohooo!!

But not for long. Litterly, the killed Grues and Eurgs were replaced by 10 Xenomorphs, plus the other 2, is 12 Xenomorphs!!! Now you have no bomb anymore.
> look down if any weapon is lying around

You see a gun!
> pick up gun

It is a Raptor Magnum (or Desert Eagle in Nightfire). Hurts an Xenomorph badly.
Suddenly, Chuck Norris pops out of nowhere[2], and asks for the gun.
Meanwhile the Xenomorphs are proceeding on slowly to you.

  1. This is the goal for the Grueslayer!
  2. Middle of NoWhere!!

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