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> How do I check the stolic without exploding?

InvisiClues for this question (move your mouse over the black-on-black text one line at a time):

? 1) The stolic is a physics-contradicting abberation - although physically identical to an AA battery, if it is inserted into a power source, it turns off power instead of providing it.

? 2) Thus, it is so conceptually unstable that the mere act of observing it causes all of its component atoms to annihilate themselves with a blast of pure energy.

? 3) Well, admittedly not ALL of them, as the resultant conversion of the entire stolic's weight into energy would vaporise the entire Great Underground Empire.

? 4) Still, if you're going to detonate it in close range of your body, even a little body armor couldn't hurt.

? 5) Y'know, body armor.

? 6) Like a haz...

? 7) ...m...

? 8) ...a...

? 9) I have to spell it out? Methinks I don't!

? 10) By the way, have you tried doing something with it besides checking it?

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