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> How do I have sex with the Grue?

InvisiClues for this question (move your mouse over the black-on-black text one line at a time):

? 1) You can have sex with the Grue.

? 2) But doing so will get you eaten. Along with those pants you left behind.

? 3) But if you do succeed in not getting eaten, give it normal sex. Grue's have both male and female genitalia and can be raped/give rape.

? 4) However, succeeding in impregnating the Grue will result in the immediate birth of Grue babies, which will bite you constantly until you die.

? 5) The biggest mystery is; are you the mother or the father of the Grue.

? 6) Only I know the answer to that.

? 7} But if you want to know, give me all your Zorkmids.

> give all Zorkmids to narrator

? 8) The answer is: Grue babies eat their mother after birth. You're a girl. Haha!

> frotz you

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