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> How do I one-hit-kill Morgoth?

InvisiClues for this question (move your mouse over the black-on-black text one line at a time):

? 1) Before you can kill your enemy, you must first know your enemy.

? 2) Okay, here's what you have to know about Morgoth: He has -140 AC and moves incredibly quickly. He is magical, casting spells intelligently which produce nether balls, invoke mana storms, cause brain smashing, produce mana bolts, summon monsters, summon Greater Undead, summon Ancient Dragons, summon Greater Demons, summon Ring Wraiths or summon Unique Monsters; 1 time in 3. He can bore through walls and push past weaker monsters. He regenerates quickly. He resists acid, lightning, fire, cold and poison. He cannot be frightened, confused or slept. He is ever vigilant for intruders, which he may notice from 1000 feet. He may carry up to 20 exceptional objects. He can hit to shatter with damage 20d10, hit to shatter with damage 20d10, hit to reduce all stats with damage 10d12, and touch to drain charges.

? 2a) That's right... brain smashing.

? 3) So, as you can see, it is completely impossible to defeat Morgoth.

? 4) Unless...

? 5) ...Nah, that'd never work.

? 6) Unless...

? 7) Maybe if you karate-kicked him in the crotch 3,000,000 times...

? 8) Nah, forget it. He'd wipe you out with brain smashing as soon as you got the first hit.

? 9) Unless, you got someone else to karate-kick him 2,999,999 times...

? 10) Like Chuck Norris

? 11) Maybe that Elfin sword will work...

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