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 Inner Sanctum Score: ? Moves: ?

Welcome to the Inner Sanctum!

Look there's the FINAL BOSS!


HP: 90,000

Stamina: 466

Agility: 512

Accuracy: 756

Hunting: 129

Odds of you beating it: 999 to 1


+-1/+-1 Nuke Sword
+-1/+-1 Satan's Trident


Summon Monsters IX: Summons a fish with a chainsaw, a Swinub and a Grue which then slay you instantly.
WALL: Drops a 10-foot thick wall on top of you, which crushes you instantly.
NUKE: Drops a 10-kilogram nuke on top of you, which crushes you instantly(before it has time to vaporize you).
Instant Death: Kills you instantly.

The ferocious fifty-foot-tall radioactive demon lion robot howls in fury and prepares a devastating spell - this is your one chance to attack!

> Summon Mommy

You would think sceaming like a five year old girl would be helpful at this point, but you were wrong. You have 3 choices at this point:

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