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 Corridor Score: 60 Moves: 34

> check stolic

You check the stolic. KABOOM!!!! There is an explosion worthy of five exclamation marks! (But since you have a suit on, you're fine.)

The explosive force disintegrates the first five Grues, reducing them to ash before they have a chance to scream. The resultant raging flames continue to incinerate the next ten Grues, killing them instantly after they have a chance to scream. A further twenty Grues are seared horribly, stopping them in their tracks. Both them and the forty Grues behind them have their sunglasses shattered from the force, causing them to die from light exposure.

Unfortunately, that still leaves twenty-five nominally harmed and doubly ravenous Grues with intact sunglasses, all of whom spend later tonight picking bits of you out of their teeth.

Still, nice try.

*** You've been Grue'd ***

Would you like to start over, restore a saved position, or end this session of Zork? (TYPE RESTART, RESTORE OR QUIT):

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