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 Outer Shaft Score: 22 Moves: 5

> go to the rock, east

Now you explore the area around the rock, but you hear a sound... must be an ambush on you! And its coming from a “kelp” bush!

ci.png ci.png ci.png ci.png

4 Pokémon pop out of the “kelp” bush and surround you. They say:

"Hey, bub, can you jack some gold from Zzyzx, California? By the way its nearby."

> and whats my reward, doc?

"Oh, its one of those Twenty Treasures of Zork."

> what is it?

"It is an Crystal skull, OK now go!"

> OK, now how do I get there?

"We already know the shortcut to Zzyzx, just pick up the rock, and a warp pipe is present, and enter it."
The 4 Pokémon help you pick up this large boulder and the warp pipe apperars.
> are you sure it leads there?

"Yes, trust us!"
They simply push you in the pipe and on you slide!
"In you go. Good luck!"

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