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 Biocomplex Score: 100 Moves: 44

> use ATM machine

You insert the ATM card in to the automatic teller machine and punch in the proper personal identification number. You hear a series of beeping noises, followed by a mechanical voice saying "Insufficient funds for transfer." Then, due to being soaked by ceiling sprinklers, the ATM short-circuits, detonating its self-destruct explosives.

You dodge the blast, but are shot in the heart by a shower of freshly minted gold zorkmids.

...Except that you aren't, since the would-be lethal zorkmids bounce off of the cheap plastic imitation of the Amulet of Yendor which just happens to be covering your heart for some reason. It still hurts a lot, though, and you fall unconscious.


When you come to, you see the exploded ATM, the shattered remains of the imitation Amulet of Yendor, and about 14 gold zorkmids lying in a pile of sprinkler water. You look around, and see the security guard on the floor with a gold zorkmid stuck halfway into his forehead. Even though you saw the episode of Mythbusters where they proved that coin-inflicted head wounds are impossible, you still feel confident that he won't be getting up anytime soon.

> take zorkmids

You scoop up the 14 zorkmids, and - delicately - yank out the forehead-coin. A fountain of blood does not spout up from his wound when you remove the coin, despite how cool that may or may not be.

> take cannon

You pry the hand-held cannon from the security guard's cold, possibly dead hands. Ohh, yeah. In your face, medieval fantasy genre!

> examine cannon

It's called the "MagiTech Thundaga 3000 Mk. I", but all you need to know is it's a kickass laser cannon that fires glowing blue pain with a satisfying BZZOW, doing several dodecahedrons of damage in a single blast! And you don't have to worry about ammo because it's powered by your own awesome, which, considering your progress so far, is not likely to run out.

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