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 closet Score: ? Moves: ?

Three potions drop out of the sky into your stomach.

You cannot resist drinkinngg ssoommee mmoorree!!

 starland Score: drunk Moves: drunk

> drink some more

All of a sudden you go crazy. You start seeing 5 fuchsia sarcophaguss.

Then your colon starts hurting, and you start acidifying your gallbladder.

Your Head asplodes!

Your urethra, pelvis,and face asplode too!

Then, a a Gerudo comes and eats you, but is eaten by a grue.

The grue asks you: any last words?

You say: I neuteres thumbtack a gallbladder when I accentuate teachers!

Then your mouth asplodes too!

*** Mama mia! ***

It's a me, Mario! Would-a you like to restore-a your saved position, or end-a your session of quest? (Type RESTORE, or QUIT):

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