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 Gruely Bros. Circus Score: 500 Moves: 3

> Buy Ticket

There goes fifty smackers. You now have a ticket to the Gruely Bros. Circus, which starts in about... erm... 2 minutes.

> Run into Circus Tent and Sit Down

You made it just in time. You sit down right in your seat, glad that you made it in time.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Gruely Brothers Circus! Entertaining Underground Maze Families for More than 400 years!" says the Ringmaster. Spotlights shine all around as the audience cheers. Unfortunately, you make one very, very, very bad Realization.

The audience is all Grues. Hundreds of Grues, with their Families and Kids. What, did I neglect to mention the show was for Grues only? Oh, I am so sorry about that.

Surprisingly, none of the Grues notice you while you watch Grue Acrobats on Trapezes and Grues Riding and Eating Elephants...

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