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 Outside the Gruely Bros. Circus Score: 0 Moves: 2

As It turns out the left door went to the Gruely Bros. Circus. Oh look, there's a ticket booth, and there are still plenty of tickets. Although there is a long line consisting mostly of little kids and Soccer Moms. Each Ticket is Priced at $50.00. There is a Clown Right in front of you. There is also a Concession Stand to the left, and there are also little kids riding grues (And getting Eaten in the Process).
> Gruely Bros. Circus?

Why, you haven't heard of the Gruely Bros. Circus? It's the most famous show in all of the Underground Maze! Each year, they train Grues to do amazing feats, along with a few other kiddie acts like Clowns and other Stuff.

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