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 Spending the night on the floor Score: 100 Moves: 2

> <insert name here>: ZZZZZZ...

You sleep comfortably on the cold ground with thoughts of nice things. Like Cloud Strife, Ness, Vivi Ornitier and Carl Johnson participating in a LEET RPG battle against Matt Groening because he doesn't make good Simpsons episodes any more. Ahhh...

You wake up the next morning with not a grue in sight. How? God knows. Literally. You were awakened by the morning light gently piercing your eyelids and a tangible crispness hangs in the air. Wow! There's a SILVER knife on the floor! Take it take it take it take it take IT!

> Takes it

You should be glad I told you that. If I didn't, you would be none the wiser! Just goes to show that the narrator is always right...

> <insert name here>: Hey man. You're pushing your boundaries. Get back to the narrative!

Sorry. Anyway, here are your next options...

Get to the damn city

[play Club Penguin] (Waddle around and meet new friends! Developed in Canada.)

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