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 The City Score: 100 Moves: 3

You skip merrily towards the city gates, bursting through the undergrowth you find on the way and finally enter the city. It is a bustling, busy place, with merchants and butchers going about their every day business. To your north is a corridor of inns and business centres; to your left and right is a line of congested shopping markets. Current players in your immediate surroundings are: Fluffyman17, SonyGamer8, Frosky.

> SonyGamer8: Hey uhh guys uhh my uhh account got haked culd you uhh gv mee free st00f

> Fluffyman17: Where's da bank

> Frosky: It's up your ass!

> Fluffyman17: Where's that

Attack Fluffyman17 with silver knife

Examine Bin

Enter nearby hotel

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