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 The Hotel Splendeer Score: 100 Moves: 5

You stride into a nearby hotel situated to your right hand side. Above it are the words, "Hotel Splendeer" emblazened into the soft stone wall. It is descript and is fairly easy to pick out from the array of shops it terraces. Straightening up, you walk up to the receptionist sitting down with half-opened eyes reading a crappy, torn paperback book called "Pielight". He seems very out of place in such a descript building. Current Inventory: 300G, SILVER Knife, A Weird Leaflet, Butter Knife.

> Bored Receptionist: Hello, can I help you...

He seems very depressed. But why?

> <insert name here>: Excuse me, can I book a room for the night? I'm a bit stranded here and my Stamina stat is decreasing...

> Bored Receptionist: I'm sorry pal, we aren't currently operating any night-stays in this hotel...

> <insert name here>: I'm sorry sir, but is there anything wrong?

He puts down his paperback and eyes you with innocent, intelligent blue eyes, like an eagle!

> Bored Receptionist: Well, actually there is, you see...

Listen to what he has to say

Beat him up

Question him about life

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