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 Mr. Grim's Fun Room/Business Centre Score: 0 Moves: 3

You push open the wooden door to your right (with the words, "Magicz Business Centre - For All Your Arcanical Needs!" imprinted over it in neon lightings) and find a shabby, wooden room in which lies a flat-screen 40 inch TV, central heating system, Persian carpet, an energy efficient lamp among other things you might find in a medieval living room. Magic is very advanced.

Smack bang in the middle is a burly old man carrying a wireless controller playing on Halo 9: Final Frontier. He has headphones on, and is chanting several commands over it.

> Mr. Grim: Head for the Hive Fortress! I'll catch up with you when I've gotten rid of that pesky sniper on the roof...

> <insert name here>: Err, Mr. Grim?

> Mr. Grim: Do not disturb me, young one! To disrupt a wizard in his prime is worse than death... OHSHIT!!! GTFO! GTFO!!!

> <insert name here>: Can I play?

> Mr. Grim: Ohhhh crap. Dead. OK, my friend, what is it that you seek...

He puts down the controller, albeit with heavy reluctance.

> <insert name here>: I was just wondering if you could lend me any spell books or something of the sort?

> Mr. Grim: I guess so... I possess two books of sorcery of which I can let you borrow until you learn their magics. I will let you have one of them, for now...

Acquired Book of Inferno! Return to Mr. Grim when you've learnt the book's spell and he'll let you use the next Elemental Book!

> Mr. Grim: Use it wisely. Certain enemies are immune to its energies, so it is up to you whether to use the spell or not, however if used correctly, it will benefit you greatly. Go to the library and study up on elemental weaknesses in the bestiary. Do you understand?

> <insert name here>: Got it!

> Mr. Grim: Excellent. Would you like to stay the night and play some Halo?

> <insert name here>: Sounds great. So, how do you play this game...

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