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 Down into the darknes... Score: 23 Moves: 9

You chose the right hall. It is dark, but a small light is off in the distance. You keep walking down the hall, and no grues are lurcking in the darkness. You come to the end of the hall. Exactly where you started before. In the lobby.

> ok that is just weird

Yeah. But it's the story, kid. Live with it. Then, you see the light has been fixed, but you see the remains of the woman who was eaten by the grue. Th grue is not in sight. So what do you have lef to do?

You open the door to the lobby and go outside. The place has changed, and now there is only one way to go. That is back the way you came from. The other roads are gone, vanished away. But then there is a grue behind you.

> Inventory

You have two knives, a fish, some infrared goggles, and a flashlight.

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