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You decide you could do with the Demon's help.

"My name is Ragnorak," says the Demon. "I will be pleased to help you."

"Then let's go!" you say.

Ragnorak leads you to the wall of the palace.

"There is a secret entrance here," says the Demon, "That leads to the central part of the palace."

He starts to tap at the stones on the ground. After a few minutes he quickly lifts up a large stone. Underneath is a trapdoor.

"C'mon!" he says.

The two of you scramble into the trapdoor and slide down. Everything is dark. There is a torch on the wall. Ragnorak lights it and hands it to you.

"We have to be very quiet," says the Demon.

You walk down the tunnel, your footsteps echoing through the dark space. Soon you each a small ladder, that leads up to another trapdoor. You and Ragnorak climb upwards. You open the rapdoor an inch and look around. The room around you is empty. The two of you clamber out, and you glance out the door. The marble hallway is silent.

"Which way?" you hiss to Ragnorak.

"I think, left." says Ragorak. "i think. But it might be right. I'm not quite sure."

Perfect. Which way do you go?

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