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"Ee chee wa maa!" The Ewok cries as another laser strikes a nearby bridge, the Ewoks on it plummeting downwards. You grab the Ewok and leap off the platform, sliding down the huge tree it is perched on, just as the mounted Stormtroopers attack, lasers slicing everywhere.

You look around for an escape route, to see a strange glider thing sitting on the ground.

"Hveetin!" the Ewok yells, pointing at the glider. He rushes over to it and mounts it. "Moktok! Tyatee!"

You get the idea and run to the glider, hanging on behind the Ewok.

"Kra?" He says, and then pulls the glider upwards.

Suddenly you are swooping into the sky! But you have been seen - three Stormtroopers have peeled away from the battle and are heading straight for you! What do you do?

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