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You bank hard, weaving past the huge ship, lasers just missing you. Suddenly, two rebel fighters swoop down to your side. Your radio crackles and you pick it up.

"This is Red Leader Bob," the fighter next to you says. "Who are you?"

'Nobody!" you yell back into the radio. "I'm just here to help!"

'Then come on!" yells Red Leader Bob. "Hawkfire and I are going for the energy station at the centre of the Deathstar! Come!"

You nod and Bob, Hawkfire and you speed towards the Deathstar.

"Here we are!" yells Hawkfire. "The convenient opening into the weakest point of the Deathstar is just there!"

The three of you swoop into the opening, lasers filling the air as the mounted turrets try to take you down. The walls of the half-built Deathstar flash past you. Then - SMASH!

"I've been hit!" yells Hawkfire. "I'm gonna-"

His ship explodes.

"Shit..." yells Red Leader Bob. "It's only us now! Let's do this!"

The energy store comes into view, and you and Bob fire simultaneously. The huge box starts to smoke.

"We have to get out of here!" you yell.

And you do, just as the Deathstar explodes. You hear Red Leader Bob yell in happiness. But you're not out of danger. A flaming piece of metal hits the side of your wing and slices it clean off.

"No!" you yell, but your sip goes into a corkscrew dive, and you see the forest of Endor rushing up to meet you. You feel pain and then everything goes black.

What now...?

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