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"So what do you want to know?" Yoda asks.

"Well, we're trying to FIND the Cabal, really."

"Well," says Yoda, "that may be difficult. The Cabal is elusive and secretive."

"But do you know where it is?" Rax asks impatiently.

"Well, not exactly," Yoda begins. "But it exists in a parallel dimension. It's called Hell."

"What?" you exclaim. "The Cabal lives in HELL?"

"Well, more or less," Yoda says. "You'll find the entrance to Hell lies in a huge castle governed by a race of demons."

"Where is this castle?" Rax asks.

"In the most unlikely place - Fairyland!" he replies.

"There was a teleporter leading to Fairyland in the ISS!" you exclaim. "We've got to get back there!"

"There is?" Rax asks. "Then we must get going!"

But Yoda has more to say.

"Near the entrance of Hell there is a stone guard. He will only unlock the door if you give him the password."

"What's the password?" you and Rax exclaim at the same time.

"Oscar Wilde is a Russian" Yoda replies simply.

"Uh..." you say.

But you don't get to finish the sentence. Suddeny there is a roar of engines. You look out the window to see a whole fleet of Sith Starships hovering above you! Darth Vader is here!

"What is he doing here?" You exclaim.

"He must want to find the Cabal too," says Rax fearfully. "We have to get out of here!"

What do you do?

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