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You decide to trust Rax and you both grab onto a mini-teleporter, and are instantly zapped to a swamp planet.

"Where are we?" you ask.

Rax replies, "In the domain of the wise one!"

You shrug and you continue on. Soon you see a tiny hut with a little bit of smoke wafting out fo the chimney. You walk inside to see... YODA!

"YODA?" you exclaim.

"Oh, hello," he says. "I think you want to know about the Cabal. Is that true?"

Rax nods, but you interrupt.

"How come you're speaking normally now? You know, without sentences back to front?"

"Oh, that!" says Yoda. "Well you see the author of this Game thought it would take too long to translate everything to Yoda speak, so he just made me speak normally."

"Oh," you say.

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