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-> Run "delete_all_files.exe"

"Delete_all_files.exe" has located all folders or files containing words "Porn", "porn", "P0rn" and "p0rn" and performed the "Delete_all_files.exe/email_to_all_contacts" function with the data. "Delete_all_files.exe" has also performed the "Delete_all_files.exe/zero_all_data_MWUHAHAHAHAHA" function. "Delete_all_files.exe" has provided the following information for the user:

-> Files on hard drive ^! 0KB 0MB 0GB ^! 00000

You may now continue to use Windows as normal. It is advised that you should contact Microsoft Customer Service as soon as this issue has been resolved so that the error can be catalogued and the bugs can be destroyed for future versions of Windows. The international phone line for Microsoft Customer Service is 666.

* Continue to Windows_

Select an option by clicking on it. If your pointer has frozen or is not responding to communication, please select the "Terminate" option.

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