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For some reason, you decide walk down the runway. For what seems to be a long time, you walk down the cracked pavement, in the foggy pitch-blackness. Suddenly, in the fog, you can make out a few pinpricks of light. As you walk closer, the pinpricks get bigger, and then you realize the light is heading towards you really fast. A few seconds later, you see that it is a plane landing on the runway, headed directly towards you!

> Scream and try to run away

You do realize that the plane is going 150 miles per hour, right? In a matter of seconds, you get hit by an engine turbine. You instantly die.

*** You Are Dead ***

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But that's not all, the collison knocks your corpse 10 feet into the air. Your corpse crashes through the plane windshield, and knocks out the pilots. The plane swerves uncontrollably with no one at the wheel, and then crashes into a truck full of plane fuel, making both the truck and the plane explode, killing everyone on the flight.

*** You, 2 pilots, 20 flight attendants, and about 120 passengers are dead ***

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