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 Whoa, Man Score: 0 Moves: 5

> Snort Cocaine

You go against what the police officers told you in school and take Cocaine. You take one snort and you are instantly addicted to Crack. You instantly snort up the rest of the cocaine bags, and that's it. They're Gone. But... now that you're addicted... you gotta have more!

So, you keep looking for cocaine in the trash, but eventually, the only surviving police officer of San Jose catches you digging through the trash, you, in your high state, think it's a sexy nude chick, so you blatantly tell him "I was just... uh... looking for some good cocaine. Would you happen to have any?" The police officer handcuffs you, but before he can take you to the Slammer for Drug Abuse, a Grue pops out and eats both of you.

Remember: Winners don't do drugs!

*** You and a Police Officer have been eaten by a Grue ***

Would you like to Quit, or Register Zork?

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