Game:On the Run/Motel Room 3

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 LEVEL 7 : :

> Look around room

There is one king sized bed, a TV, a writing desk, and a bathroom.

> Shit on writing desk

I think you mean the bathroom.

> No...the writing desk

I'm not the one cleaning that mess up.

> - _ -

Don't - _ - me, i'm not your mother!

> Do something besides cleaning shit off writing desk

What would you like to do?

> Kill you

Oh shut up, fatboy.

> Are you calling me fat?

Ooh, lunch break....

> Come back here!


> Where the fuck are you?

Hi, i'm the other guy's replacement.

> Good.

So, um, what do I do?

> You tell me what to do

I don't like this job...the manager said it was easy, but it's not for me.

> Bye.


> ...

I'm back. Now where was I... oh yeah, what would you like to do?

> Go to bed

You are now sleeping. As you sleep, a robber jumps into the building. He awakes you.

Get Drink of Water

Look at Robber

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