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On the run title


On the Run originated as Salamander in late September 2010. It was Maniac mcpee Lollipop's third game.

The original game was called "Salamander" because of the main character, who was given a name, instead of identifying users through the logging in option.

Another notable feature of Salamander was that it included links to To the many users that encountered them (although there were very few, as the links were badly hyperlinked), we apoligize.

The game was eventually put on sale for a while in January 2011, before being very poorly critically received. We here at Unfocom decided to have a remake of this game, which was very promising.

Enjoy playing On the Run, because knowing how your sad and boring life is, this is the highlight of your day.

The game requires Microsoft Windows, any version of Uncyclux, Linux or Ubuntu made after 2010. If you do not have any of the above, then fuck off.

This game was programmed using HTML by Lollipop, with credit going to former Unfocom employees.

The game takes up 164KB and is stored under the ".exe" name extension.


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