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Oliver was taken aback by this cry from one of his fellow orphans. He had been so wrapped in his hungry hungry song that he hadn't had time to think about what to do next. Oliver had never wanted to be a singer. All he had ever wanted was moh. Then Oliver's mind wandered back to the last time his stomach had been full. It was on the occasion of orphanage's most recent DVD night. That was some good popcorn. The film was okay. It was Austin Powers: Goldmember. Inspired by thoughts of food and the 1960s, Oliver began to sing again.

It's a hard knock life for us,

It's a hard knock life for us,

'Steada treated, we get tricked,

'Steada kisses, we get kicked...

"QUIET!!!" shouted the voice of the master, "There is to be no moh singing in me dinin room! If yah wan' tah eat agin I suggest yah shut yah mouths." Hungry and disappointed, Oliver was quiet. He hadn't even reached the part where he gave a shout out to his homies. Was there any point in forging on when the master was so resolute in putting a brother down?

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