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 Independence, June 1, 1848

Hop in the DeLorean, we're going back to 1848...


Welcome, <insert name here>. It is 1848. Your jumping off place for Oregon is Independence, Missouri.

Let's just say it's June, shall we? You must reach Oregon before you die in the cold winter.

Before leaving Independence, you should buy equipment and supplies. However, since you are broke, you can't.

Luckily, you managed to steal a wagon with 5 oxen, 30 pounds of food, a few sets of winter clothes, 50 bullets, a rifle, and a few spare parts for your wagon. You have driven it over to Independence. Lucky You.

Date: June 1, 1848
Weather: Nondescript
Health: Good
Food: 30 pounds
Pace: Strenuous
Rations: Meager

You May:

1. Start your Journey down the Oregon Trail
2. Look at the Map
3. Change Pace
4. Stop to Rest
5. Attempt to trade
6. Talk to people

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