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Rock and Roll


I get a new keyboard and then this game become unplayable for me too. I probably will remake it in AS3 but that won't come soon.

Default Control

  • Left - Blue Fret
  • Down - Green Fret
  • Right - Red Fret
  • Space - strum
  • Up - Star Power
  • Ctrl - Pause

(Hold your keyboard as guitar)

It's not a song you can only hear. It's a song you can also play.
It's not a game you can only play. It's a game you can also join.
So just check it out.

A superfluous sound doesn't affect the multiple or the score but hit the rock meter strongly. Therefore if you target to get a high mark, strum more. If you target to just complete the game, skip the thing you can't handle.

(See this if you want to make one.)



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