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 The Noob Starting-Point

Hello, and welcome to MMORPG, Anonymous User.

You are at the noob starting point, where all the noobs start. It is very nondescript.

Others here are Ranndum_N0ob and Nubmann.

> Ranndum_N0ob: Hi evry1.

> Nubmann: Hi.

> Ranndum_N0ob: Add me 2 ur cntcts!

> Nubmann: I alrdy hav.

> Ranndum_N0ob: gr8

skansam has entered.

> skansam: Hey nybdy want fr33 gold?

> Ranndum_N0ob: I do!

> skansam: Den cm with me.

> Ranndum_N0ob: im there

> Nubmann: me 2!

You have the Sword of Noobishness and 50 gold.

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