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 Allied with icemage

> now what?

> icemage: what else? we're gonna go find ye flask.

> what is ye flask?

> superproguy: Y0u d0nt kn0w??/ 1t$ an it3m d@t let$ y0u l3v3l up t0 l3v3l 20 aft3r y0u dr1nk 0ut 0f 1t!!!11

> so are we gonna share it?

> icemage: no, you imbecile, we're gonna use this.

> Look

icemage is holding up something that looks like a frozen dreamcatcher.

> superproguy: Dud3!!!!111 Y0uve g0t th3 MULTIPLICER??/!!1

> icemage: yup. with this, we can all have ye flask.

> so where is it?

> icemage: uhh.... we don't actually know...

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