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 Fighting icemage

You(35) attack icemage(250) with Potato Slicer!

You(35) attack icemage(250) with Sword of Noobishness!

icemage loses 10 HP. (240)

Program open

Hack system v1.5 activated!


Please login.

Username: superproguy

Password: ************


Login successful!

What would you like to do?

> superproguy: Download Uber Haxxorz King Cannon

Downloading now...

icemage(240) attacks superproguy(50) with Ultimate Ice Staff!

superproguy loses 650 HP. (-600)

superproguy has DIED.

You(35) attack icemage(240) with Potato Slicer.

You(35) attack icemage(240) with Sword of Noobishness.

icemage loses 10 HP. (230)

icemage(230) attacks you(35) with Ultimate Ice Staff!

You lose 700 HP. (-665)

***You have died***

All your items have been dropped where you died. This means they'll be raided by hungry noobs!

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