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edit Method 1 - <option>


<option weight=(optional)>(Text A)</option>

<option weight=(optional)>(Text B)</option>


“You can use it in quota template (A)”
~ This an example

and link too(b)

<option> is

edit massive use

<choose><option weight=1>a</option><option weight=1>b</option></choose>

b a a b a b a b b a

The result probably will repeats when you refresh the webpage.

edit Method 1 - Template:Rand

This template is using the time to generate a random number.

{{Rand| (range) | (seed) | (prime) }}


  • {{Rand}} 69
  • {{Rand|256}} 109
  • {{Rand|1000}} 269
  • {{Rand|1000|3.14}} 885

edit Add Minimum

{{#expr: (Minimum) + {{Rand|(Maxium-Minimum)+1)| (seed) | (prime) }}}}
  • {{#expr: 500 + {{Rand|500}}}}

500-999: 769

edit Pads the random number to the specified width

{{padleft:{{Rand| (range) | (seed) | (prime) }}| (digis) |0}}
  • {{padleft:{{Rand|9999}}|4|0}}

000-9999: 0350

edit Problem

Template:Rand is using time to generate random number, so two {{Rand}} will cause same result.

If no seed or prime is inputed, they will get same result.


61269, 61269, 61269

If you want to generate two random number, you should use Mod to separate a big number to two.

edit comparison

  • If you just want to display random test, it's more convenient to use <option>.
  • <option> cannot work in Parser Functions. Use {{Rand}}.
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