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edit IDE

  • Adobe Flash Professional

Newcomer should use this.

  • Adobe Flash Builder

Focus on coding.

It's the only way I find which is legally free for you to develop flash. It's a website that lets you write and compile ActionScript code online. It's portable. It has many useful library in it. It's so powerful but it has no visual tools. Unless you are an hardcore programmer or it's too much for you.

edit Additional tool

  • Flash Developer

This software is free and good to use. I think it's more user-friendly than Adobe Flash Professional when coding. However it has no compiler. Therefore you can create flash game only with this.

edit Library

edit Physic Engine

  • Box2DAS3

edit 2.5D

  • as3isolib

edit 3D Engine

  • PV3D

Its development is stopped in Flash Player 9 generation. But there are many tutorials in the Internet.

  • Alternativa3D

It's the best Flash 3D engine in the Internet. Recently, they opened Alternativa3D 7, but the upcoming version is not. The upcoming version will use Flash's "Molehill" API, which support low level hardware acceleration. If you believe you will use 3D element in commercial use, you should know that you will have to pay it.

  • Away3D

It's developed from PV3D. But it's a completely new Flash 3D engine now. It's open, still on developing. Also, the developer team is working on "Molehill" API too. I will suggest you to learn this.

edit Sound

  • SiON

It's a sound engine to generate sound. If you know Music Macro Language(MML), you can use it to produce 16-bit style music in very low memory. But in my experience, Flash generating music is not stable.

edit Tween

  • Tweener
  • TweenMax/TweenLite/TweenLite

It's the fastest tweener I know.

edit Relative website

It only includes the script in Flash Player 9.

Tutorial videos.

News and libraries


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