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Since 1998, Flash is the future of web game (Ignore Unity3D). Therefore we "MUST" have Flash. In this moment, en-Uncyclopedia doesn't suppoet Flash very much. We have some JaveScript for embeding Flash but we can't upload swf file.

AS you can see, Flash game is better than page-base game. It's more powerful. It doesn't make trouble to the server because after you downloaded that flash, our server doesn't need to work for you anymore. Page-base game is no good for server. Everytime you click a link, the server has to calculate everything, render everything and send it to your computer. The only disadvantage is that flash games can't be collaborative well.

edit embed

edit Method 1

{{flash| (url without http://) | (width) | (height) | (flashvars) }}

Template:Flash is a simplified version of <span id="embedFlashDoc">. We have some JaveScript replaces it to flash.

edit Method 2


edit AS2 vs AS3

If you haven't touch Flash beside playing Flash Game. I suggest you learn AcionScript3. AS3 runs more is more effectively. The coding structure is more systematical. After you understand AS3, it's easier for you to learn other language. For me, AS2 is a history.

edit future of future

Can Flash games become completely collaborative? No, it can't. Althought there are too much difficulty, but I think you should at least have a dream.

edit principle

Flash can load php. But for security, Flash Player won't allow you to do that unless it loads the approval from crossdomain.xml. (acticles and uploaded files are in different domain.) The crossdomain.xml allows Flash Player to load the data from Uncyclopedia server. That means we can define a set of script, code script in article format, make a flash to load these articale and run their script, and then everyone can collaboratively edit this game. However, crossdomain.xml allows Flash Player to send data to server too. That is not safe for server.

The solution for this, is having a proxy. We can write a php which only read data according the url but doesn't send data in "POST".

edit programming

It's possible but I don't think we should do this. Do you browsed wonderfl? It is possible to just post the code on the server and let the server compile it to swf. But if we need to do this, we actually twist Uncyclopedia's structure to another kind of website.

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