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Load Or Save A Game :)**********************************************************************About

You are in your new neighborhood searching for your new house. The neighborhood is in the ghetto and it's super run-down.

"Crap, I've been looking for this house for hours and I can't find it. I swear I've passed by that crazy cat lady at least five times!" You mumble.

Eventually you come accross a homeless man pushing a shopping cart full of beer and... a sleeping bag.

"Hey do you know where 55555 N Main Street is?" You ask.

"Hi I'm John I like to smile." He says.

"Woah. Some of my friends from the big city of CrapsDale told me about you! How did you make it all the way to Boring Town? And how'd you end up homeless?" You say.

"What? I'm not homeless! I'm just crazy." He says.

"Ok... So have you seen my house?"

"Uh... No. But uh when you find it you can always come to me when you need to know some other stuff."

*You have met your first friend! He will be added to your reference list*

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