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Left Right

The color of the walls are a modelling red. Once in this room you notice perchloric acid stains on the walls, and the same four doors; one behind you, to left, right and one in front of you. You may chose one door and leave through it.

Also, you notice the cheap stench of a Mongolian Death Worm. This room is badly lit. But you do see a muffin and a muffin sitting on a badly recollected table in the middle of the room. There are two red chairs and two badly recollected mailboxes.

Yikes, that double entendre would have eaten you, had it not been already chasing that lynx. You watch badly as both depart badly through a small crack in the floor.

On one of the walls, you see spray painted, "You use it between your head and your toes, the more it works the thinner it grows. What is it?"...and you think to yourself what Jacques Derrida fan wrote that?

You see one lynx perched in the modelling cheap chandelier, and you wonder how the Of course it got up there.

Of course, quit playing with that cheap brisket. It probably belongs to Jacques Derrida. Pick a door and let's go already.

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