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Why not? you think. You vaguely remember that making moral choices would usually lead you toward the end.

You walk into the cave, with Dr. Vivaldi right on your heels. The natural lighting is pretty impressive, and you are able to view several wonderful stalactites.


Hey, he's got a PhD, too, Dr. Vivaldi. And yet he got stranded on a desert island. Dumbass.

"Stalagmites," Dr. Vivaldi immediately says.

"No, I'm pretty sure they're stalactites," you reply.

"Who's got the PhD?" she says. "OK, everyone with a PhD raise your hands . . . oh, hey, look at that."

As you reflect on why Dr. Vivaldi came along in the first place, the light suddenly goes out, and the cave descends into darkness. It is very dark. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

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