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Thin wood.png

You use the letter.

Well, given the fact that it is pitch black, the letter is unable to be able to be read right now. This is a shame, as even if you were unable to use the clues written in here at least being able to read the letter might take your mind off the horrible monotony of being alone.

In the Dark.

But resourcefulness is ever your strong point, and with a few judicious folds - a mountain fold here, a valley fold there, and that weird pinching type fold that they call rabbit ears for some reason - Ah yes, those long forgotten skills of origami folding from the fourth grade are coming back to you now.

You have managed to fold the letter into an origami swan! And you weren't even able to see what you were doing! Your fourth grade teacher would be proud of your achievements.

Or at least she would be if you hadn't managed to get yourself trapped here.


In the dark.

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