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With a feeling of irritation you hold the key at arms length, and let go.

In the moment after you have released the key you remember that sound similar to a bolt being slid home - or maybe it was a lock turning. Of course, this key was the one that opened the front door, but these old houses often had very uncomplicated locks, and the key that got you into the front door may have also been the one to get you out of the attic.

But you have dropped it now. And it's lying there on the floor. Alone.

In the dark.

If only you could see it, you might be able to pick it up. Of course, then, when you finally found the door to the attic, you'd be able to get out of here. So when all is told, dropping the key probably one of the single most stupid acts you have ever performed in your life.

Because now you are trapped.


In the dark.

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