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Thin wood.png

You have turned left

You remember the wonderful feeling of the fantastic moment in your life when you could finally distinguish between left and right. The tears of joy in your mother's eyes as she realised that you had made a major breakthrough with your education.

No longer were you one of the ignorant masses unable to tell their left from their right. No longer would you be ridiculed by your peers for your inability to distinguish the most basic of spatial relationships. Just by simply holding your hand up in front of your face and looking at the L shape created by your thumb and forefinger you had mastered basic navigational skills.

It was the moment that made turning 18 all that much more special for you.

Of course at this point you are unable to fall back on your visual cue to determine direction. Due to the lack of light you have to try and remember without this, and without the help of others. Because you are alone.

In the dark.

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