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The attorney's letter came as a deep shock to me. My uncle Jeremy died by his own hand! The coroner's report was unequivocal: he hanged himself in the loft.

I had always felt that my Uncle was a well-hung man, but this was not the time and place for such morbid humour.

My initial surprise and distress past, I considered the news; it seemed clear that Dercretin had exercised a thoroughly morbid influence on my uncle's mind. That creaking old mansion, with its unusual tales, its secret library door, the ancient upstairs clock, all those occult books that my uncle could not resist reading, in spite of his fragile nerves... Fate had pointed its finger.

However in amongst the notes that the attorney had left for me was a letter that my Uncle had written, addressed to me personally. The attorney was unaware of the meaning of the letter, as it was written in an extremely cryptic way, however I suspected that within its contents would lie the clues as to how to navigate my Uncle's unusual home.

I first attempted to hire a detective, but the only one I knew, Edward Carnby, lived in the rougher part of town, and had terrible spelling. It was so bad in fact that I had felt that the only option for me on reading his horribly spelled sign on his door was to hand-write an instruction to learn how to spell. Unfortunately the man in question was a complete disappointment. After all, he hadn't even bothered to wear a clean shirt!

So now I am forced by circumstance to investigate Dercretin. Life is a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, tied up in a Rubix cube. Uncle Jeremy taught me that much.

I pray that my fear is nothing more than the fruit of my imagination. Nothing will ever persuade me that my Uncle was insane. After all, doesn't insanity run in the family, and I am obviously anything but insane.
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