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The first successful attempt at creating Galvatron.

“Y'know those perfect dumps? The ones with no splash and one wipe? Like that.”
~ Galvatron on Himself

The product of one of the earlier efforts.

Galvatron is the President of Argentina, and a metallic alloy resultant from the process of galvanization as applied to robots in disguise.

Incredible temperatures and pressures are required to create the proper reactions between zinc and energon, so the process must be carried out in a modern foundry or alternately, in a giant planet-devouring behemoth. (See Unicron.)

First successfully synthesized in 1986, Galvatron has proven to be a useful and durable alloy, capable of withstanding the intense heat of planetary re-entry, the concussive force of tractor-trailer impact, and the Matrix of Leadership.

The Galvatron alloy has been sucsessfully combined with the minerals Leonard Nimoy and Orson Welles to create the Mr. Spock alloy. It can also be used to plug up an erupting volcano.

edit Galvatron, Texas

Galvatron is also a cow-town on the Texas panhandle named for the President of Argentina. It is put-near the city of Armadillo.

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